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Here at Thunder Road Classic Car Hire in the South West of England we currently have available 4 iconic V8 Classic American Muscle Cars of the 60’s and 70’s for Self Drive Hire. (Available 365 days of the year from just £265 per day)

Call us today to find out how you could make your own truly astonishing experience happen.

Classic American Car Hire from Thunder Road Classics

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  • Our cars are the only ones of their kind in the UK for self drive hire

See what our customers say

We provide a consistently high level of service to our customers looking for Classic American Car Hire in the UK.

  • “A truly fantastic day and I cant wait to come back and hire another of your beautiful cars.”
  • “My Dad recently hired your Camaro for my school prom. We absolutely loved it, could not have asked for a better car it was amazing and I wish we could have kept it!”

See more testimonials from our happy car hire customers

1967 Chevrolet Camaro V8 Convertible available for hire from Thunder Road Classic American Car Hire

Classic American Cars available for Film and TV hire

As seen on TV!

American cars have both style and class – Binky and Cheska from posh TV show “Made in Chelsea” seen here in our Camaro during “My Super Sweet” on MTV. We have a range of classic American cars available for hire in the UK including our 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible as seen on MTV.


Film, TV and video

We also supply Classic American Convertibles for Film, TV and Video shoots.

We can accompany cars to your project or event and also help with driving and preparation.

We have supplied cars for a number of feature films, magazine shoots, fashion events and TV shows for channels such as the BBC, EMI, STV, Dromos Productions and MTV.

Read more on classic American car for TV and film projects or click here to enquire about the hire of a classic American car for your project.

Find us also at

1970 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible for self-drive hire with Thunder Road Classics

A great gift

Thunder Road Gift Vouchers

Perhaps you want to surprise somebody with a special Valentines Day, Anniversary or Birthday gift. Why not give a Thunder Road Classics gift voucher?

Gift Vouchers are available in any value to suit your own budget and are valid for 1 year. We can personalise your voucher for any message or event.

What a great gift for any Classic American Car fan!

If you need a fantastic last minute present, we can email you a Thunder Road Classic Car Hire Voucher for you to print at home, right up to 8pm the day before.

To order a classic American car hire gift voucher, please contact us.

1971 Corvette Stingray V8 Convertible classic american car hire from Thunder Road Classics

  • Classic American cars available for weddings, events and self drive hire

Hire a classic American mustang for events with Thunder Road Classic Car Hire

American Convertible Car Hire

Talk to us about classic American V8 Convertible car hire. Come and drive some of the icons of US motoring history. This is a unique classic car experience and we will endeavour to make it as pleasurable and hassle free as possible.

If you have any special requirements please give us a call and we will try our very best to help.

Classic American Car Hire for Weddings and Events

Classic Wedding Car Hire

Classic American Cars from Thunder Road will make your wedding truly unique. Self drive one of our fabulous classic convertibles for your wedding and the Bride or Groom will arrive in style.

See here for information on hiring a Classic American Car for your Wedding.

Visit Thunder Road Classic Car Hire in Dorset

Classic Car Hire in the South West of England, located in Gillingham, Dorset on the borders of Wiltshire and Somerset, in easy reach of Devon and Cornwall and less than 2 hours from London by car or mainline train to Gillingham station from London Waterloo.

We deliver free to Milton Lodge Hotel and Stockhill Hotel, Gillingham

For details on how to get in touch with Thunder Road Classic Car Hire please see our contact us page.

Classic American Car Hire in Dorset - Mustang Car Hire